SQ kesekararum ngremo dance in perth

SQ kesekararum accompanying masked dance

K/E Sekararum recently completed a DMA postgraduate degree from the School of Music at the University of Western Australia. The DMA project combined her passions for theatre, dance and music. K/E produced two recitals as part of the creative portion of her DMA, in 2012 and 2013 and wrote an extended exegesis that explored the work of contemporary intercultural and interdisciplinary artists. During her time in Perth, K/E also performed and presented workshops on the Javanese performing arts at schools, art festivals and universities around the region.

Although born in the USA, K/E spent 20 years in Malang, East Java where she devoted herself to the Javanese performing arts. In addition to performing as a guest artist singer/dancer throughout the archipelago and as a popular guest on national television program, K/E also managed the nationally recognized Mangun Dharma Art Centre located in Tumpang, Malang, East Java.

For two seasons Elizabeth hosted and starred in ‘Elizabeth Sings’ (Elizabeth Nyindhen), a weekly program on regional TV that showcased traditional gamelan orchestral music. She also co-hosted another  JTV program that promoted the popular performance form, campursari.

K/E is currently a resident of Brookline, MA where she continues to build her professional portfolio. Current projects expand upon elements of her doctoral research, in particular, further exploration into the the macapat sung poetry tradition, the relationship between Javanese mysticism and the traditional performing arts, and the tradition of the tandhak tayub, female singer-dancers of Indonesia.