Curriculum Vitae


Karen Elizabeth Sekararum

  • Practicing dance, music and theater artist actively engaged in creative research and performance
  • Research interests: innovative approaches to non-Western art forms; syncretic performance and embodied practice; Javanese dance, music and theatre
  • Familiar with all aspects of producing stage and theatre productions

Self-devised performance works

2013 ‘Srimaya’s Fall from the Demon’s Circle’

Lead singer, dancer, composer and dramaturge for an original English-language poetic script structurally inspired by the melodic and poetic forms of Javanese oral theater (mocopat), this group performance portrays the fictionalized life-story of a Javanese singer/dancer/shaman (tandhak tayub) and her negotiations with Javanese magic and mysticism.

Links to the complete performance:

Srimaya Performance Poem 1

Srimaya Performance Poem 2

Srimaya Performance Poem 3

Srimaya Performance Poem 4

Srimaya Performance Poem 5


Srimaya's Fall

Cast of Srimaya

Teaching Dance in Perth


2013: Performance Preparation and Production, Perth, WA

Trained and produced nine associate student artists from Mount Lawley Senior high school, Perth WA for the 2013 performance of Srimaya’s Fall from the Demon’s Circle.

2011-2013: Teaching Dance in Perth, WA

Prepared and presented intensive instruction in Javanese performance (music, dance and theatre); practical dance and theatre training and workshops; provided lectures on relevant cultural material. Please see attached sample dance class curriculum: ‘Contemporary and Classical Javanese Dance.’

2012 ‘In the Demon’s Circle: Love, Lyrics and Lotus Flowers’

Lead singer and dancer of a performative retrospective exploration of 20 years as an embodied Javanese performance practitioner.

Love, Lyrics and Lotus Flowers

2010 ‘One Sky’ (Satu Langit)

‘One Sky’ (Satu Langit) performance with choreographer Chrissie Parrott. Perth, WA, 2010.

One Sky (Satu Langit)

Professional Experience


Singer with Gamelan Laras Tentrem, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts


Guest Star Singer and Dancer for the Indonesian Consulate General, Perth WA

1995 – 2010

Professional guest star singer and dancer, Indonesia Performances throughout Indonesia and on Indonesian national television, for former Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri and incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (see left: a brief clip of 2009 performance at the Presidential Palace for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono)

TV presenter: Elizabeth Sings
and Mixing It Up East Java

  • Aired on JTV, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Javanese language cultural programs
  • Hosted and interviewed guests and performers; sourced, prepared and performed classical Javanese gamelan music

Elizabeth Nyindhen