The American Gamelan Institute

*Monkey C alternative gamelan – a group that plays gamelan with a twist! They fuse the music and instruments from around the world with gamelan to create a new style. The coolest thing about their site is they have virtual gamelan instruments (Macromedia Flash) that you can play

A Javanese gamelan site – with sounds and pictures (note that the musical drone on the first page is not part of the gamelan music that is also playing)

Bali & Beyond – a performing group that plays Balinese gamelan. The site describes both Javanese and Balinese instruments

*Gamelan Kyai Telågå Rukmi – a page about UW-Madison’s gamelan ensemble created by one of the musicians

*Indonesian Music – an educational site with information about different forms of gamelan

Introduction to Javanese gamelan – a large, web-based handout from a beginning Javanese gamelan class at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. This handout has wonderful detail covering Javanese gamelan

From The Javanese Gamelan - Click image to visit
From The Javanese Gamelan – Click image to visit

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Great Articles

What Is Gained, And Lost, When Indonesian Gamelan Music Is Americanized?

World Music Gives Cultural Studies a Voice

“Toward an appreciation of Javanese Gamelan” – A good essay on Javanese gamelan instruments, performance, and Western performance practices